Mother’s Day❤

She takes care of you,when you are ill…     She kills her wishes to fulfill yours…             She hides her pain & sorrow from you,because she doesn’t want to trouble you….                                                                     She scolds you for your better future…       She loves you more than anyone else can… SHE IS YOUR MOTHER❤

“Heaven is at the feet of your mother”     Love between Mother and her child is considered as the highest among all,even higher than that of GOD    
I want to ask a very basic question to you,”HAVE YOU EVER SHOUTED AT YOUR MOTHER?”                                             My answer is YES! and I am sure that the same is yours.                                                     This is very common problem among us,teenagers.                                                       We all did at some point of time,whatever be the reason.Now just take a moment and ask yourself that, Was that correct?           The answer is NO! and we all know this very well.                                                            

We TEENAGERS think that we are very intelligent than our elders,than our parents…Why? Because we know how to use the latest technology,we know how to operate a smart phone and how to use different apps in it BUT our parents find it very difficult to use the new generation gadgets.                                                           But NO!                                                                 They have something which values thousand times more than all this and that is their experience,,,                                           They have faced situations,which we can’t even imagine of,they have seen the true hardships of life.                                                 Respect Your elders,your MOM,your Dad,try to understand them like they do

This happens a lot of times with us TEENAGERS,we shout at our mother at very very minor reasons and our words are- “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?my LIFE?HOW WILL YOU UNDERSTAND?

But,listen-                                                             She has kept you for nine months inside her….she knows you even more than you understands Yourself,just give her a chance.                                                                 And YES! we all say this in anger & hasty,actually WE also love them a lot and then all of us do feel bad about what we have done or said.    

Dear reader,just don’t waste your time-        “Go and hug your mother right now,spend time with her,that’s all she need from you and say SORRY to her for your rude behaviour and THANK her for always being there”            I am also going😊                                             See you next time                                               Thank You, 😊                                                     RAJ DEEP CHAUHAN                                             




Power of DREAMS

Dream is not,what you see while sleeping.Dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep”

The above mentioned  words were said by one of the most remarkable leader,a great scientist and one of the best president of India: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam popularly known as “Missile Man of India”

He was born in a poor family in Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.He had faced a lot of hardships in his journey but what made him successful, was not only his dream but his passion and dedication to fulfill it. He started his journey from the bottom,the lowermost level and his dedication,passion & hardwork helped him to reach the peak of success.

Initially someone else  belonging to conditions like his,would have given plenty of reasons to explain that why he cannot do? But a guy like APJ ABDUL KALAM would have only one reason to do something and he will do it,and that one reason is:

I WANT TO DO IT”                         

“If  I could overcome hardships and achieve what I have,so can anyone else”


Why to have a dream?

Generally,most of us dream of something or the other.                                                         Someone has a dream of travelling the world,someone to become a cricketer,someone to become an IAS officer,someone to become a singer etc etc etc……

We should dream of something,we should have a desire to get & achieve something in life.

Because if you don’t dream of something,then:                                          From where ,you are going to get strength to do something? How you are going to motivate yourself to reach there,where you wanna be?

“Dreams can &have changed the world”

Initially,it might seem unrealistic but remember one thing,It all starts with a dream

At first,Someone has dreamt of inventing a device, using which we can talk over miles,,then only he planned ,worked hard and succeeded in inventing the device which is now called ‘mobile phone’

Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended

It is a simple:

  • Dream about your goal,where you want to see yourself.
  • Plan properly and be determined & patient and believe that you can.
  • Do hard work,hard work & hard work.                                                          Never give up on your dreams,no matter how old you are,where you are today.Do not give up dreaming for a better tomorrow

Follow your DREAMS

Follow your DREAMS,work hard to make them come true,have courage and believe in yourself.                                                          If you believe that you can,then you are halfway there.Things will go wrong but all you have to remember is ” NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS”

 Thank you                                                          RAJ DEEP CHAUHAN

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Jealousy-A threat to yourself

Life is one big road with lot of signs.So when you are riding through the ruts,don’t complicate your mind.Flee from hate and jealousy.Don’t bury your thoughts,put your vision into reality,wake up and live!”             –BOB MARLEYJealousy is a complex emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation,this is how google defines jealousy.But actually there cannot be any proper defination of JEALOUSY like love,emotions etc. It’s just a feeling which makes you hate someone and say bad about him/her.But listen,jealousy is a much more threatening and dangerous emotion,and the irony is that it is threatening and dangerous to you,while you think it is to others,and the problem is that no-one in this world admits that he/she is jealous of someone.

I am not talking about jealousy in love and relationships,that’s another thing. JEALOUSY has tons of other reasons as well which can be more dangerous.

Why do we feel JEALOUS?

There can be a lot of complex reasons of your jealousy and your hatred,,there can be thousands of stupid reasons to feel jealous of someone and hating someone.   

You feel jealous of someone mainly,because:

  • He/she is she is more successful than you.
  • He/she is getting more attention than you,which you want.
  • He/she is happier than you
  • He/she don’t give attention to you.       

Then,all we do is fill our heart with hate,hate and hate for him/her.Then commenting bad about him/her,saying nonsense and abusive words behind his/her back to prove him/her wrong.                                                                                     But Listen,you can trouble someone by doing such shits,but somewhere between hating someone and trying to bring that person down,,you destroy yourself and stop progressing.

How does it affect you?

Listen,while you are commenting bad about someone and doing his/her negative publicity,deep inside,you also know that what you are doing is completely wrong.These stupid actions are an outcome of your jealousy and hatred for someone because, he is better than you.

Do you really think,that your stupid comments and opinion about someone can actually bring that person down and make him feel worse? 

If you think like this,then let me tell you “Nobody Cares about your opinion” So,don’t do such shits and prove that you are an asshole.

When you start doing such stupid things out of your jealousy and try to bring that person down.You actually stop progressing,your success becomes less important than someone else’s failure.You feel happy to see that person unhappy.

So,don’t do such.                                          Just KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS and remember you are unique,that particular person is may be better than you at something but not everything.Then,what to do? 

Actually,it’s nearly impossible for anyone,not to feel jealous.

Even the most successful and progressive people also feel jealous of someone at some point of time,but what makes them different from others is the way,they deal with it.They use their jealousy to make their level up,instead of trying to lower other’s level.

Use your JEALOUSY as your Motivation.

It’s easy.                                                             When you feel jealous of someone, then instead of trying to bring that person down,use your jealousy to make your level up.Instead of doing unproductive activities to make that person unhappy,do hard work,go above that person and then that person will become jealous of you.
Whenever you feel jealous,just face yourself.Look at yourself in the mirror and say it to yourself that:I have to go above this person

Use your jealousy as your motivation to work,use it as a pluspoint to make you better and don’t let it make you do nonsense and make you just a jealous piece of shit.

Don’t try to bring someone else down,use your jealousy to make your LEVEL UP

Thank You                                                       RAJ DEEP CHAUHAN

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Be Happy and believe you can

Log Kya Kahenge” All of us must have heard these words at some point of time in our life.This has killed millions of dreams.

What shapes our decisions?                         Unfortunately,most of us are always busy in attempting to impress others,most of our actions are mere attempts.Most of us don’t follow our dreams and don’t listen to our hearts,just thinking that if I do this thing,then what people will think about me.But one thing,all of us need to understand that “Nobody cares” People are very busy with their own shit and in dealing with their personal fears and concerns.People care much less about what you think,what you do,than you think. Nobody gives a fuck about what you do.
But one thing they always do that,whenever you decide something to do out of the box ,there are always a lot to oppose and make you feel that you are doing wrong and criticise you,demoralise and discourage you.But listen,for someone It’s quite easy to make a comment on your decisons,but for you its going to shape your whole life.

“Don’t let other’s opinion about you to shape your decisions”

All you have to do is “Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy”

Now,you have to decide.

What is more important for you,Your happiness or happiness of those who don’t actually care about you?

I think so,your happiness? Yes?                        Initially nobody supports you but at the end everybody do.People say thousands of things about you,when you decide to do something,they try to demoralise and discourage you.But overcoming your fears and proving them wrong,is what makes you win,this is what called struggle,those who dare to overcome become examples for the society and those who don’t keep criticising others.

So,do what you like,do what makes YOU happy because at the end it’s your life and you have to deal with it.                                    The most important thing is believing that “You can” and work hard for what you want.Initially people won’t support you,but all you need is your support at that point of time,that’s what going to matter.

“Great people of today’s world were not born great,it was their dedication,hard work and passion,which made them what they are today”

“The most important step between you and your destination is your stepping towards it.You have to begin to reach there”

  • Gandhi ji initially started alone,but later on people joined.
  • People must have criticised and discouraged even the  legends like M.S DHONI and SACHIN TENDULKAR
  • SRK was not born as a star,he was a commoner. 

      Don’t be sad and let conditions depress you. STAY STRONG
      Being sad and then being depressed on small things is quite common.There can be a lot of reasons for you becoming depressed such as-failure,jealousy,neglection etc

      Depression can really affect your part of life.At times one become depressed because he failed,he could not get what he want and a tons of such reasons.

      Don’t let situations depress you.When you don’t get what you wanted.,just close your eyes and put your hand on your heart and say-  

      I didn’t get it because  something else more valuable is waiting for me”

      How to take decisions?

      Look,two different decisions in anything may be career,relations etc can take your life in two entirely different directions.But the question is how to decide?

      Do one thing:

      Take a coin and toss it,while the coin is in the air,listen what your heart wants.             

      for ex-                                                       Let the two options be A and B and toss the coin,if heads then option A and if tails then option B.Now toss the coin.When coin is in the air,listen to your heart which option it wants?Go for that one.

      When you do something which passionates you and in which you are interested and crazy for,then you will enjoy working hard for it and you will surely achieve that.

      Just Don’t Care About Others                        Why do you want to impress others? Just for a fucking mere attention…hahahah….    All you need to do is have a good opinion about yourself in your own eyes.When you have a good impression of yourself in your own eyes then automatically you do good deeds and people starts liking  you.

      Look,you live only once.                           Do what makes you happy!                     Just don’t care about,                                 Log Kya Kahenge                                    This life is yours(not of people’s),your actions will affect you the most not others.                  

      So,you have to decide,what you want to do,wasting time in proving yourself in front of others or Do something which makes you happy.       


      Thank You                                                           Raj Deep Chauhan                                           

      If you like it,then “Good luck for your life”                                                              If not then also Good luck,and I already mentioned I DON’T CARE

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