Jealousy-A threat to yourself

Life is one big road with lot of signs.So when you are riding through the ruts,don’t complicate your mind.Flee from hate and jealousy.Don’t bury your thoughts,put your vision into reality,wake up and live!”             –BOB MARLEYJealousy is a complex emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation,this is how google defines jealousy.But actually there cannot be any proper defination of JEALOUSY like love,emotions etc. It’s just a feeling which makes you hate someone and say bad about him/her.But listen,jealousy is a much more threatening and dangerous emotion,and the irony is that it is threatening and dangerous to you,while you think it is to others,and the problem is that no-one in this world admits that he/she is jealous of someone.

I am not talking about jealousy in love and relationships,that’s another thing. JEALOUSY has tons of other reasons as well which can be more dangerous.

Why do we feel JEALOUS?

There can be a lot of complex reasons of your jealousy and your hatred,,there can be thousands of stupid reasons to feel jealous of someone and hating someone.   

You feel jealous of someone mainly,because:

  • He/she is she is more successful than you.
  • He/she is getting more attention than you,which you want.
  • He/she is happier than you
  • He/she don’t give attention to you.       

Then,all we do is fill our heart with hate,hate and hate for him/her.Then commenting bad about him/her,saying nonsense and abusive words behind his/her back to prove him/her wrong.                                                                                     But Listen,you can trouble someone by doing such shits,but somewhere between hating someone and trying to bring that person down,,you destroy yourself and stop progressing.

How does it affect you?

Listen,while you are commenting bad about someone and doing his/her negative publicity,deep inside,you also know that what you are doing is completely wrong.These stupid actions are an outcome of your jealousy and hatred for someone because, he is better than you.

Do you really think,that your stupid comments and opinion about someone can actually bring that person down and make him feel worse? 

If you think like this,then let me tell you “Nobody Cares about your opinion” So,don’t do such shits and prove that you are an asshole.

When you start doing such stupid things out of your jealousy and try to bring that person down.You actually stop progressing,your success becomes less important than someone else’s failure.You feel happy to see that person unhappy.

So,don’t do such.                                          Just KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS and remember you are unique,that particular person is may be better than you at something but not everything.Then,what to do? 

Actually,it’s nearly impossible for anyone,not to feel jealous.

Even the most successful and progressive people also feel jealous of someone at some point of time,but what makes them different from others is the way,they deal with it.They use their jealousy to make their level up,instead of trying to lower other’s level.

Use your JEALOUSY as your Motivation.

It’s easy.                                                             When you feel jealous of someone, then instead of trying to bring that person down,use your jealousy to make your level up.Instead of doing unproductive activities to make that person unhappy,do hard work,go above that person and then that person will become jealous of you.
Whenever you feel jealous,just face yourself.Look at yourself in the mirror and say it to yourself that:I have to go above this person

Use your jealousy as your motivation to work,use it as a pluspoint to make you better and don’t let it make you do nonsense and make you just a jealous piece of shit.

Don’t try to bring someone else down,use your jealousy to make your LEVEL UP

Thank You                                                       RAJ DEEP CHAUHAN

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  1. I once dated a man who was overly jealous and controlling. It didn’t do any good to reassure him. I realized that his jealousy was an insult to my integrity and that I deserved better. Thanks for making this clear.

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