Mother’s Day❤

She takes care of you,when you are ill…     She kills her wishes to fulfill yours…             She hides her pain & sorrow from you,because she doesn’t want to trouble you….                                                                     She scolds you for your better future…       She loves you more than anyone else can… SHE IS YOUR MOTHER❤

“Heaven is at the feet of your mother”     Love between Mother and her child is considered as the highest among all,even higher than that of GOD    
I want to ask a very basic question to you,”HAVE YOU EVER SHOUTED AT YOUR MOTHER?”                                             My answer is YES! and I am sure that the same is yours.                                                     This is very common problem among us,teenagers.                                                       We all did at some point of time,whatever be the reason.Now just take a moment and ask yourself that, Was that correct?           The answer is NO! and we all know this very well.                                                            

We TEENAGERS think that we are very intelligent than our elders,than our parents…Why? Because we know how to use the latest technology,we know how to operate a smart phone and how to use different apps in it BUT our parents find it very difficult to use the new generation gadgets.                                                           But NO!                                                                 They have something which values thousand times more than all this and that is their experience,,,                                           They have faced situations,which we can’t even imagine of,they have seen the true hardships of life.                                                 Respect Your elders,your MOM,your Dad,try to understand them like they do

This happens a lot of times with us TEENAGERS,we shout at our mother at very very minor reasons and our words are- “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?my LIFE?HOW WILL YOU UNDERSTAND?

But,listen-                                                             She has kept you for nine months inside her….she knows you even more than you understands Yourself,just give her a chance.                                                                 And YES! we all say this in anger & hasty,actually WE also love them a lot and then all of us do feel bad about what we have done or said.    

Dear reader,just don’t waste your time-        “Go and hug your mother right now,spend time with her,that’s all she need from you and say SORRY to her for your rude behaviour and THANK her for always being there”            I am also going😊                                             See you next time                                               Thank You, 😊                                                     RAJ DEEP CHAUHAN                                             




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